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5 of our top 10 income earners are male.  This is NOT make-up. For years men have borrowed their wives' skin care products, and with society more and more obsessed with youth,  more men are buying their own.  Male or female, who doesn't want to take 10 years off their face in 2 minutes?

Jeunesse Global is the youngest company in the 55 year history of network marketing to reach $1 Billion in ANNUAL sales. The previous record holder is also a health and wellness company, and took 10 years, it only took us 6.

2010 Annual Sales = $11.9 Million
2011 Annual Sales = $65 Million
2012 Annual Sales = $126 Million
2013 Annual Sales = $256 Million
2014 Annual Sales $420 Million
2015 = RECORD shattering $1.1 BILLION in Annual Sales

Over $500 Million in Commissions Paid Out to Date

As you study the sales figures above, please keep in mind...

These sales figures have been accomplished purely on word of mouth, (and mouse) advertising, without any traditional, television, radio or print advertising AND Jeunesse Global was on a record shattering sales pace, BEFORE Instantly Ageless was released in December of 2014, in just one of the over 80 countries where we do business.

In our youth obsessed, quick fix, microwave society it's no wonder the 2 minute videos are going viral.  It's obvious that Instantly Ageless is a fabulous attention grabber but...

The reason we were generating record shattering sales even before the release of Instantly Ageless and during these very turbulent times,  has to do with other products we offer.

Products that combine the best of mother nature with the leading edge of technology. Including but not limited to, a line of products that rejuvenate the skin at the molecular level.

"The science of stem cells can help doctors restore weak hearts and help heal joints. Now a local doctor is using adult stem cells to reconstruct tissue, nerves and bone, destroyed by cancer and the cancer treatment. It gave hope to one man who was told repeatedly nothing could be done to restore his face… you’d never know he used to have a gaping hole on the right side… he had a salivary gland cancer that required the removal of part of his jaw…" KABC, Channel 7 News

Featured in the news clip above and the video below, world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D., helped develop the skincare component of Y.E.S. , LUMINESCE™.

We helped grow a publicly-traded NYSE, billion-dollar company from its infancy of $5 million a month to $100 million dollars a MONTH in revenue in four years,  and then beyond to over $2 Billion in annual sales – creating hundreds of millionaires in the process.

We are now pre-positioned and driving Jeunesse through the exact same kind of growth — and this time you can join us!

Positioning in front of colliding mega trends with the right product, the right company, at the right time results in a tidal wave of growth.

Those who work hard and smart right now before Jeunesse Global becomes a world wide household name, have the opportunity to be among the vast number of wealthy entrepreneurs that will be created.

Even if you do not have any previous business experience, we will teach YOU free, simple, duplicable Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media,  and online Marketing Strategies, that are part of the reason we are generating RECORD breaking growth, even during these turbulent times.

We have the training and systems in place, along with the experience and expertise to support you in building a brighter future for you and yours today.

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