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2010 Annual  Sales = $11.9 Million

2011 Annual Sales = $65 Million

2012 Annual Sales = $126 Million

2013 Annual Sales = $256 Million

2014 Annual Sales  $420 Million

2015 = RECORD shattering $1.1 Billion in Annual Sales

Jeunesse Global is the youngest company in network marketing history to reach $1 billion in ANNUAL sales.  The previous record holder took 10 years, it only took us 6.

Please keep in mind…

  • our highly consumable, instantly demonstrable and extremely emotional product
  • Instantly Ageless was not introduced until  November 2014
  • and at that time in only 1 country…
  • So far Instantly Ageless is available in 18 of the over 100 countries where we currently do business
  • 4 more countries are set to launch in the next few months.
  • Jeunesse has the exclusive, world wide, marketing rights to Instantly Ageless
  • The 2 minute videos above are going viral.

 Jeunesse is the No. 1 Fastest Growing DSA Company on the Inc. 500
Jeunesse Owner Wendy Lewis among DSN Most Influential Women
 18 American Business Awards – Landslide Victory

How is it that Jeunesse Global was on a  RECORD setting sales pace BEFORE Instantly Ageless?

Watch the following 2 minute videos to learn how before the recent introduction of  Instantly Ageless,  Jeunesse Global was well on the way to a recording shattering, $1.1 Billion in annual sales in year 6 of business.

Dr. Newman is just one of the doctors on the Jeunesse Global medical advisory board.

The skincare component of Y.E.S. , LUMINESCE™ super-charges the production of young, fresh skin cells. Infused with a potent growth factor complex derived from natural adult stem cells, the LUMINESCE™ family of products rejuvenates skin cells at a molecular level.

Short business overview:

We helped grow a publicly-traded NYSE, billion-dollar company from its infancy of $5 million a month to $100 million dollars a MONTH in revenue in four years – and then beyond – creating hundreds of millionaires in the process. We are now pre-positioned and driving Jeunesse through the exact same kind of growth — and this time you can join us!

Positioning in front of colliding mega trends with the right product, the right company, at the right time results in a tidal wave of growth.  Those who work hard and smart right now before Jeunesse Global becomes a household name, have the opportunity to be among the vast number of wealthy entrepreneurs that will be created.

Even if you do not have any previous business experience, we will teach YOU free, simple, duplicable Facebook and online Marketing Strategies that are just one of the reasons we are generating RECORD breaking growth, even during these turbulent times.   We  have the training and systems in place, along with the experience and expertise to support you in building a brighter future for you and yours today.

EVERY one YOU know is going to hear about Jeunesse Global and it’s up to you, they can hear about Jeunesse from someone else, or from you.

February 2016 – For those who join us in February we can show you how you can earn $6,000 in cash bonuses before the end of the month.

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