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We helped grow a publicly-traded NYSE, billion-dollar company from its infancy of $5 million a month to $100 million dollars a MONTH in revenue in four years – and then beyond – creating hundreds of millionaires in the process.  We are now pre-positioned to drive ViSalus through the exact same kind of growth — and this time you can join us!

Even if you do not have any previous business experience, we can teach you how to harness the power of Social Media, including Facebook and “word of mouth” advertising, to build your own online,  home based business. We  have the training and systems in place, along with the experience and expertise to support you in building a brighter future for you and yours today.

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people looking to improve their health, lose weight and/or get fit. Currently 66% of the U.S. is overweight and over 30% are clinically obese. In other words ViSalus has main stream appeal.

Save money on groceries, LESS than $2 per meal.

Know anyone who would like to lose body fat, retain and build lean muscle and have more energy? Of course you do!

The simplicity and affordability of the 90-Day Challenge program yields better results and higher retention than competitors’ programs.

Vi-Shake appeals to cost-conscious consumers, since replacing shakes for a meal saves customers money on grocery and restaurant bills.

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ViSalus is proud to be part of, and backed by, New York Stock Exchange, publicly traded, $1.6 Billion per year Blyth. (NYSE: BTH)

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ViSalus, is currently doing business in the United States, Canada, Jamaica and we are pre-launching in the UK ( England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), as well as Germany and Austria.